EARTHX is based on the interest “to help those who need it most”.

We’re in 2021, the world is facing a global pandemic, and the world has needed aid more than ever before.

EARTHX wants to take advantage of the potential that lies in the market, and since the technology has exploded in the last year. We formed this with the goal of taking advantage of our chance to give to charities that support the UN’s Sustainability Goal # 1, to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. We more EARTHX have what it takes to help make the world a better place, for all.

Core values

We can all make a real impact on the bigger picture of poverty, not just ourselves. By donating to charity, we remind ourselves of our duty to make this world a better place for all.

Founded by society and for community, we are proud of our collective mission. We support each other and other communities, and we have fun doing that. Help us build a good community.

We want to be transparent, how we work, use of technology and information about each other. We are organized, cohesive, and everyone is pushing in the same direction. Everything for a better place – for everyone.

The future is coming and we will be ready for what is to come. All decisions we make must be based on sustainability.


2% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling
2% fee auto distribute to all holders
6% fee auto moved to charity account (where 2% each month is used for development and marketing of EarthX)

Burn strategy
1th of every month we will burn 1.000.000 EarthX. At the same time, we will periodically, burn a larger number of tokens.
This will be announced on our social platforms.